Creating Worlds with Music

I am currently working on a tool to create worlds using music in visual/virtual narrative environments (i.e. films, games, audio drama etc.) or non-narrative environments (video art, independent sound-installations etc.). This method gives as much emphasis on music as it does on other elements including sound and picture. Each element is as important as the other and all of them serve the one and same purpose: creating consistent worlds in which to tell stories and communicate thoughts and emotions.

With each story a new world is born. This world is not just the physical world we might see or hear, but it’s all of the aspects of the story: characters and their motives, the plot, sound, picture, music and so on. The world can be as strange as it wants to be, as long as it remains consistent and thus credible. In most cases music is only one element among others to build this world.

Music in drama (fiction, documentaries etc.) is often treated as something that is supposed to elevate the drama (or even fix it) and add emotion to it. But what if the drama is so good that it doesn’t need elevating (duh!). Music too can have a real function in the story. Or, more precisely, in the film’s world.

The purpose of music should not be to fix things or to lift the drama. Music should be one of the many elements that create consistency and credibility to the world in which the story unfolds. Music is there to build not to enhance. Even the word Music is wrong , we should speak of musical elements. The film is a whole. Music should not be separated from that world.

Many other mediums that use music and build worlds follow this same idea and that’s why this method can cross platforms and be used quite universally.

Sound Design – From ideas to soundwaves

My main specialization in school was sound design. I have worked as a sound guy on many school and commercial projects. The studies have given me a good basis and know-how on how to approach sound design. The Approach is important. Whatever it is that you’re designing sound for, the way in which you approach the content, be it dramatic or commercial, is the key to gain the most effective results. This creates a coherent package with as much emotion in it as needed.

Because of my musical background I tend to approach sound design sort of like I was approaching musical pieces. But I don’t see that as a bad thing, since everything has a rhythm and there are different rhythmic patterns and feels. There are beats and peaks that drive the story/piece forward. Different moods and emotions for the listener and viewer to feel. It is my task to find these beats and feels and make the most of them and make them serve the picture and, most importantly, the story.

Art Concepts

Currently applying for grants. For Sonic Art. Will post more when concepts evolve.