Hi my name is Antti and I make sounds and music for film and other media. I recently graduated from Turku Arts Academy as a Bachelor of media arts/film art, specializing in film sound and music.

I build concepts, ideas and worlds. And I turn them into sounds and musical ideas.

I have already worked with sound and music on several projects, school and commercial, and in many different roles. Including: Supervising Sound Editor, Composer, Sound Designer, Supervising Music, Recording anything from ADR to Foley to location sound. I have spent countless hours of my free time in school studios refining my craft and trying to learn everything I can. And this has not ended after school. I am constantly studying, learning and figuring out new methods to tell stories with sound and music.

I like to aprroach projects through the content. Before fancy or trendy big sounds, before massive epic scores, the content and the concept always comes first. The concept comes from the actual story that is being told or from the point that is being made. Through the concept it is then possible to evoke emotion, thoughts or whatever is needed to convey the story or make a point. And don’t get me wrong, music and sounds are all about emotion too, but they can be that and much more. The concept is a tool to create consistency and integrity to the world and art piece that is being created.

Sound and music are both very effective tools, too often overlooked in visual mediums. They are flexible and very dynamic. And this is exactly why I love these tools so much. The thought of creating worlds and characters and to bring them to life is always a compelling thought. Especially with animations, where there’s nothing to begin with. Except The Concept, of course.

My background is in music. I have played drums since I was seven, so this world of sound & music is only a natural continuum to my lifelong hobby. This hobby has given me excellent acquirements on studio mechanics and tools. And also on how to treat music in general. I have gained a sense of what sounds can do in particular dimension and how they work in different situations.

A full CV by request via e-mail.

Antti Siniranta
tel. +358 50 378 7485
[firstname] (at) anttisiniranta.com

I am also very open for new discussions on film sound, music or any subject. So if you have anything on your mind don’t hesitate to contact me!